Doc, when will my ear stop leaking?

5 days go by and my ear is still leaking clear fluid from it.  I’m supposed to go on a cruise leaving from Port Canaveral and going to St. Maarten, the Bahamas, and St. Thomas the next day, so I call the doctor to see when it should stop.  They were quite alarmed that it was still draining so they told me to come in that day.  I walked in and sat in the waiting room for like 5 minutes and they called me back, I just loved going to this doctors office!  The physician’s assistant looked at me first and said that he wanted to give me some ear drops and he thought it would clear up, it was just taking longer than expected, but he would wait for Doctor B to give his opinion.

Doctor B comes in and checks my ear out, it seems you can actually see inside the ear through the hole and he says it’s lookgin better, but he decided to give me some antibiotic and some ear drops.  He said to enjoy my cruise and come see him when I got back.

The medicine he gave me worked for about 24 hours and then my ear started leaking again, not all of the time, so maybe it was working.  I laughed about the medicine since the pills were $4 and the ear drops were $120 for a tiny little bottle.

While on the cruise, I started putting cotton balls in my left ear, otherwise I could be talking to somebody and this clear liquid would just start leaking out of my ear.  Most people just thought I was always playing with my ear, when really I was just trying to make sure it didn’t leak on my shirt.  Cotton Balls became my friend.

After a week on the cruise boat, and going through about 100 cotton balls, I called Doctor B to try and make an appointment.  They were at a conference or something, so it would be another week before I could get in, but they called me some more $4 pills and $120 ear drops in again, if I wanted to go pick them up.  I got the $4 pills and 2 bags of $1 cotton balls.

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