So what’s next?

I get in to see Doctor B, and he tells me that he needs to pull the tube out of my ear as it’s not working anymore.  It seems with me putting all of the cotton in my ear one of the fibers got wedged in the hole and closed the hole in the tube.  He said that he was going to pull it whether the tube was closed or not.  It took about 5 seconds to remove the tube, I was happy, because now I could take a shower without my ear plug, and I could still hear.  He gave me some other medicine and told me to come see him in about 3 weeks.

About 24 hours later the fluid stopped leaking from my ear!  I was more happy about that, than I was about being able to hear again.  But about 5 days later, I was back down to only being able to hear about 20% from my left ear again.

Should I see another ENT?  I started asking friends if they knew of any good ENT’s, two of them recommended Doctor B, even an ENT who I talked to recommended him. I went to a walk-in clinic and I asked them where I should go and they recommended Doctor B as well.  I guess maybe he was a good doctor after all.

My biggest concern was what was that fluid that kept leaking out of my ear?  I couldn’t even find anything online about what it was.  None of the doctors seemed to have a clue either.  It looked like baby oil, but it had no odor.  Every place I looked would just bring me in another circle, they all pointed back to some type of ear infection.  So give me some strong antibiotics and let’s cure this now.

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