Another tube in my ear?

3 weeks goes by and I’m back to see Doctor B again.  I can hear about 20% out of my left ear, it still feels like my ear just needs to pop and it won’t pop.  Doctor B decides that he wants to put another T-Tube in my ear, but he tells me this one would be much better, I knew it had to be since his front desk charged me $19 for the tube since my insurance didn’t cover this one either.  This time he just told me to walk back with him to the kitchen and within 5 minutes I had a new fancy T-Tube in my ear, and I could hear again.  Which is worse, being able to hear, or a leaking ear…

This time they didn’t prescribe me any medicine and told me to come back in one week.  But my ear started leaking again after about 24 hours, so we were back to square one.   I go to see Doctor B a week later as he asked and he told me he was going to give me a antibiotic shot, I’m thinking hopefully in my arm, not in my ass.  But he puts the injection, in my ear and shoots it in through the hole in my tube.  That was the worst thing I have ever had happen to me, I still cringe everytime I think about it.  If a ENT is ever thinking about giving you a shot inside your ear, just run!

I’m told to come back again in a week, but the injection actually seemed to help for about 4 days.  I was pretty impressed, but Doctor B wasn’t impressed at all.  I’ve been going through all of this because Doctor B is thinking that I have some type of infection in my mastiod process in the picture below it’s the part that looks like a sponge.

After doing a lot of research, I assumed that I might have mastoiditis and that all I needed was a bunch of different antibiotics.  Some places online mentioned a possibly needing a mastoidectomy which isn’t even documented in Wikipedia, because it seems to be pretty rare, but fill be up with antibiotics and I’m sure the problem will go away.  As I walk in to see Doctor B this time and tell him I’m having the same problem, he tells me that I will need to get a CT scan to see if I will need to have a mastoidectomy or just need some killer antibiotics, I showed him on my blackberry some good antibiotics that some other doctors were using for mastoiditis.  But he wasn’t listening.  You ever look at a doctor and he really has no idea what the problem is you are having?  This was like the third time I had seen this look from Doctor B.  He told me based on the results of my CT scan, he would either put me on some high does antibiotics or give me a referral to see a surgeon to have a mastoidectomy.

I tell his staff that I’m leaving to go to Las Vegas in 3 days and then I’ll be gone for 10 days, because I’ll also be heading to Santa Monica after Las Vegas, and I wanted to get the CT scan done before I left.  Did I mention that health insurance companies are idiots?  Back to my story, so I go to this place that will see me the next day to get a CT Scan.  I knew there was going to be a problem, because when I walked in they gave me a $10 Shell card for coming into their office to get a CT scan, hopefully they charged my health insurance company like $5k fot that gift card.  I had a CT scan before, I don’t really remember it very well, but the scan seemed fine, the radiologist seemed to do a good job and had the scans and radiologist report for me in about 45 minutes.  Cool, pictures of my skull.

So I run back to see Doctor B to show him my CT Scans and have him try to explain to me the report from the radiologist.  He looks at the CT Scans, in the hall, while I’m in one of the rooms and I hear them talking about there aren’t sure what the problem is.  They were looking at them for about 15 minutes and then they come back in and read the report, which says I have a sinus infection and fluid in my mastoid.  Huh?  I could have told you that 6 months ago.

So Doctor B, tapped out!  He gave up!  I felt bad for him, he recommended that I go to a ENT surgeon and see if he could do anything.  But at least I got to keep the tube in my ear, it was still leaking, but I could hear.  And my flight to go to Las Vegas and Santa Monica was leaving in less than 24 hours, so I needed to make an appointment with Doctor C.  Luckily, I was able to get an appointment the day after I get back.

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