Nice to meet you Doctor C.

I’ve been out of the office for 10 days, I’m back for about 4 hours in the office and I need to go to my first doctors visit with Doctor C.  I had been doing some research on this guy and he seems to be an expert on ear surgeries.  I get there at 12:45 for my 1:15 appointment, I already had my paperwork filled out, so I sign in, and sit down.  About 30 minutes later, the lady behind the frosted window finally opens the window and looks at the first name on the list and then closes the window, I was the 5th name on the list.  Then about 15 minutes later, she opened the window again and looked at the next name and then scratched them off the list.  Then about 15 minutes later, she opened the window and wanted to make sure everybody had signed in, I walked up and said I’ve been here for an hour already, and you haven’t taken my paperwork, yet.  She tells me, I haven’t called your name yet, I will take it then.  Why do doctors do this?  Is my time not valuable?  Am I not the reason you can afford really tacky waiting room furniture?

Finally about 5 minutes later, I am called by the lady behind the window.  I hand in my paperwork and then they put this full size laminated piece of paper on a string around my neck and I’m told to go sit back down.  The placard has my name, birth date, phone number, and the problem I currently have, which says “Not Known”.  It seems when I finally get to the back they will take my picture and just in case I fall asleep in the waiting room and they can’t wake me up.

So I sit and wait….  I’ve been at the office for two hours, and then I hear my name called, I walk in the back pretty pissed off right now and they tell me I need to get a hearing test.  Interesting, I think I had one of those when I was in middle school.  I think the audiologist, may have been hearing impaired, because she always looked at me when she talked to me.  Or maybe she is just used to people who don’t have tubes in their ears.

The hearing test wasn’t as bad as I thought, they didn’t give me a piece of paper with the results on it or even tell me the results, but later I got a real snail mail letter with the results, which said I had 96% understanding in my right ear and 96% understanding in my left ear.  But they did tell me to go sit back in the lobby and my name would be called in a few minutes.  Not the lobby!

It’s now 3:45, and I’m stuck in the lobby again.  15 minutes goes by and I get called back.  They finally take my picture and I can get this billboard off of my neck.  They want to know why my blood pressure is so high, I told them, I had been waiting for 3 hours already, so I was ready to go.  They then tell me that they had called and left a message at my house the night before and told me that my appointment would need to be changed to 8am.  But since I came in at my original time they were trying to “fit me in”.  I check my voicemails at home about once a week, and all the message said was we would like to reschedule you, could you please call us.

I’m brought to one of the rooms, it’s 4:15, I’m bored.  I read all of the brochures in the room, flipped through a modern bride magazine, should I just leave?  At 5:15, Doctor C finally walks in the door!  I go over all of the history with my ear, I try to make a joke about Doctor A wanting to give me botox while I was knocked out, and he didn’t even laugh.  He then starts to look at my CT Scans and he gets about half way through them and he says these are the poorest quality scans he has seen in years and told me that I would need to get new ones and he recommended I complain to my insurance company about getting a refund for the original ones.

Then he starts dictating in some 1970’s cassette recorder and he tells me that I may need to have either a mastoidectomy or a middle fossa, and of course I had no idea what he was talking about.  And he didn’t even give me much of a chance to ask questions.  He just said he would send me a letter explaining everything and to get the new CT Scans and then we could determine what to do.  Unless I just wanted to have surgery tomorrow and get everything over with.  I think I’ll wait.

It takes 20 days to get an appointment at the Doctor C recommended CT Scan location, because I had to go to the Superbowl and then I had to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.  But that’s a story for another day.

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