My second CT Scan

I walk into this radiology clinic to get my second CT scan, and it’s already about a million times better than my first one.  They have multiple TV’s, free bottled water, but no free Shell cards, but I was still very impressed.  They called me back in about 5 minutes, I explained the problem, the radiologist looked shocked that I was walking around.  It seems most people have surgery pretty quickly after they find out, not like me going all over the world.

I run through all of the tests and he tells me that the films won’t be ready until tomorrow, because there are so many my doctor has requested.  I asked about the report when it would be ready and he said that it wouldn’t be ready for 5-10 business days.  What?  Come on, Doctor C won’t let me see him until I get that report.  So I tried to bribe him!  What would it take to get it earlier?  He told me that he doesn’t even write up the reports, it’s all outsourced to other doctors to read the scans, and then they don’t even write up the reports they are done by another outside firm.  Nothing like my health care dollars hard at work.

I called Doctor C’s office on my way out and I said that I would have my scans in the morning and they asked when I would have my report and I said they didn’t tell me, they said they would call me to make an appointment once they received the report.

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