Second visit to Doctor C

I went ahead and tricked the receptionist at Doctor C’s office and told them the report would be there by Wednesday, so I asked if I could get an appointment on Wednesday, and they agreed.  I had no idea when the report would be there and didn’t really care at this point.  I had done enough research that I was there to see Doctor C to schedule my surgery.

This time I walk in the office and that damn frosted window was closed again, but this time even though they have 4 signs that say “please don’t knock”, I knock anyway.  “I’m sorry there isn’t a pen out here for me to sign in”, I had dropped it on the floor 30 seconds before I knocked on the window.  She let me sign in and took my information right then.  Everybody in the waiting room laughed.  But none of them laughed when I was called back about a minute later while they were all sitting out there probably waiting for 4-5 hours like I had the time before.

Why is it that you go to a doctors office with 20 rooms and you get the same room twice in a row?  Will I have to wait in here for an hour like before?  This time I was prepared though, I brought my laptop!  Doctor C came in within 5 minutes and spent probably 30 minutes looking at my CT Scans.  They were much better than the first set, but I still didn’t see anything that look wrong to me.  He immediately saw the problem and said that as he expected I had a defect in the top of my temporal bone, not just on my left side, but on my right side as well.  He didn’t see a reason to operate on the right side as it wasn’t causing any problems.  But the left side we definitely needed to fix.  And then he started talking in that dictaphone again, about scheduling me for surgery.  How about we just schedule it now and get it over with.  What surgeries will I have?  He said I would need a transmastoid approach and a middle fossa and he would possibly only have to do one of them if he could fix the problem the first time.  But both surgeries would need to be done if he couldn’t fix the leak with the first one.  From the babble I got it sounded to me that the transmastoid approach had a 20% chance of fixing the problem, this is the surgery they will do first.  The middle fossa is more invasive, but only has an 80% chance by itself.  So you start with the 20% one and see if you can fix it, and if not then a few minute later you start the other one.  Combined both have a 98% success rate.

Where do I sign up?  I already have my days picked out, a week after this, and a week before this, and I can still go to Milan, Italy at the end of April!  Then they tell me I can’t schedule my surgery until I go meet with the neurosurgeon.  I have to have a neurosurgeon present because the middle fossa takes a big chunk of my skull out to do the surgery.  See below:

I wonder if they can put a TV in that spot?  🙂  They are supposed to fix the leak and then put the piece they removed back in and then use some elmer’s glue and glue it back in place.  They call this “near-brain” surgery.

How long can it take to get in to see a neurosurgeon?  18 days.  From when I walked out of Doctor C’s office, it will take 18 days before I can go see a neurosurgeon and have them say, sure I can be at your surgery, just in case they need me.  Then I find out Doctor C only does surgery on Thursday’s, guess I’m not gonna make it to Milan this time.  🙁

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