What’s my diagnosis?

Everybody is asking me what is my diagnosis at this point.  I wasn’t even sure, because I couldn’t remember much besides a csf something or another.  I can’t find anything on the internet so I just called the doctors office and I said I’m X and I was in to see the doctor yesterday, can you tell me what my diagnosis was and what surgeries he was talking about doing to me?  She said that it was a CSF Otorrhea, now that made sense because I remember him saying it was a cerebrospinal fluid leak.  Cerebrospinal fluid, is the stuff that your brain floats in.  Wikipedia explains it much better than I ever would.

I have been joking at our office that the stuff leaking out of my ear was brain juice, actually, I was somewhat right.  This is when I really started learning more about the surgeries that I might need to have.  And the internet is so crazy, one of the websites said that from one of the surgeries I would be out of work for about 7 days, one said it was an out patient surgery, and another said I would be in the hospital for up to a week.  The bad part is if you really do a lot of research most of the good articles are behind some username/password protected site that is for doctors only.

The problem with having a CSF leak is that the odds of getting meningitis is between 25 and 50%.  And around 10% in the first week of a CSF leak.  I’ve been having a CSF leak for probably more than 6 months now.  I guess I have been VERY lucky.

What causes CSF leaks, normally it’s from some type of head or spine trauma.  But I didn’t have any type of trauma to my head that I remembered.  Hopefully the CT Scan will tell me where the problem is.

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