It’s Neurosurgeon A’s turn?

Yesterday, I finally made it in to see the neurosurgeon, we will hopefully only call him the only one, but I’ll call him Neurosurgeon A, since with my luck he won’t be the last.  The office I went into was in the middle of BFE, with big holes in the parking lot a typical 1960’s single story office building/suite.  I’m the only person in the waiting room which was pretty cool, I was taking my time filling out the paperwork, because I was waiting for my wife to show up.  I called the doctors office the day before and asked if they had any way for me to fill out the paperwork ahead of time and the lady politely said they were still in the 1990’s and they didn’t even have a website yet.  I filled out the 4 pages of paperwork and was proofreading my work since my wife was running a little late, when the doctor called me back and I still had my paperwork in my hands.  I like this guy!

We walk back to Neurosurgeon A’s office, which I was pretty impressed with.  He had a new 42″ vizio monitor for his computer, which we geek’d out about for about 5 minutes.  My dual 30″ montiors suck now!  I start explaining the whole history of everything, I should have sent him to this blog before the appointment.  5 minutes into my history my wife comes in, looking all sickly, she had just come from a walk-in clinic.  We continue going over the history of my ear problems and he just gets up and says let’s go to the exam room and take off your shoes.  I have an ear problem, not a foot problem, glad I had clipped my toe nails.  He did some random tests, he looked into my eyes with some strange machine and then played with my feet for a bit.  Then we went back to his office.

Then he started to look at my CT Scans, but he didn’t want the films I had, somehow he had access to them on the computer.  He can pull up my CT Scans, but doesn’t have a website?  He does end up using some of the films as well, because it was taking so long on his dial up modem he must have been using.  But he immediately found the same problem that ENT/Doctor C had found, that I had a problem in my temporal bone area and that he saw the same problem on both sides.  He did say that I wouldn’t need to have surgery on my right side unless it started having problems as well.

The doctor starts to explain some of the different parts of the surgery that I would have and actually used a skull to show me where they would fix everything.  I liked this guy, he took the time and actually explained things, we got to ask questions and he answered them.  I was pretty impressed.

He asked if I had an MRI recently and I said that I hadn’t, but he wanted me to go get one so he could check to see if I had any brain damage.  I know I have brain damage, I’ve been dropped on my head many times, hit with frying pans, fallen out of cabs, and have drank way too much many times.  But really brain damage?  It seems that the area where I need to have repaired there is a little piece of the bone missing and they think that part of my brain over time has sunk into this little hole.  And when they fix the hole they need to push the brain back up where it belongs, which may cause some problems.  Time for some pictures since I have my CT Scans now.

As you can see from the picture above, I’m missing an entire bone.

After my wife gets a little freaked out, the doctor tells me to get an MRI and then call them back to get another appointment.  Hopefully this time it doesn’t take 18 days to get in to see him again.

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