Time For An MRI.

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After visiting Neurosurgeon A, I went back to the office and called the same place where I had CT Scan #2 to make an appointment for my MRI. I expected that it would take about 2 weeks because it took that long to get approved to get a CT Scan. But the lady at the other end of the phone asked if I could be there in 30 minutes, as they had an opening today. I couldn’t make it then so I went later in the day, but it seems my favorite health insurance company allows unlimited MRI’s, but you have to get in-house doctor approval for a CT Scan. Another one of those things that doesn’t make sense to me.

I have to get a MRI with contrast and without contrast, nobody tells me what that is before I got to the radiology clinic. Again, this place is awesome, I’m in the back within 5 minutes. I also requested to have my CT Scan and MRI put on a CD, which they said no problem. So instead of walking around with 2 foot by 2 foot x-rays, I can have everything on a CD. Wow, technology.

The radiologist tells me the test will take about 45 minutes and do I mind listening to a light rock station on the head phones. I don’t know of any local stations, so I just said some random one that I heard of at some point and it seems it’s the local death metal station. It seems she has to listen to the same station. 🙂

I’m stuck in this tube with my arms up against the wall listening to death metal, glad I’m not claustrophobic. After about 30 minutes she pulls me out and puts something in my arm, burns like hell, and then she says she only has to take 4 more pictures. 15 minutes later, she finally pulls me out and I was looking forward to her taking whatever it was she put in my arm out and it seems I didn’t have anything in my arm, just a bandaid.

I got my CD of my MRI and CT Scan and headed home. I knew what I was going to be doing when I got home.

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