When is My Surgery Scheduled?

On Thursday morning I needed to make an appointment with Neurosurgeon A again so he could look at my MRI and CT Scans. I called the receptionist, who tells me that the first available appointment was April 14th. I was in the office yesterday and it’s going to take another month to see the doctor? I was about to ask for her to give me a reference to another doctor when she said, oh, I see your surgery is scheduled for April 1st, so I’ll have to get you in before then. My what is scheduled for April 1st? She said, the doctor did talk to you about your surgery being on April 1st, right? I said no! And she said oh, that’s the day I see on the schedule. How about you come in next Wednesday so we can start the pre-op.

WTF? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I finally have something. But a receptionist telling me on accident when my surgery will happen.

“And sir, can you act surprised when the doctor tells you that your surgery will be on April 1st?” Sure I will!


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