Back to see Neurosurgeon A

On Wednesday I had to go see Neurosurgeon A again, so that he could look at my MRI and make sure everything still looked good.  The receptionist who had called me last week wasn’t there, hopefully she still has a job.

Having your MRI and CT Scan on CD is so much better than having the films.  Absolutly amazing with what you can do with it on the computer compared to the films.

The doctor looked and the scans and he said they looked pretty good.  He said you could definitely see the area where the problem was, but he didn’t specifically see where the csf leak was happening.

He then told me that he had talked to ENT C about what the plans were and that my surgery would be on April 1st.  Wow, that was a shocker!  And that he and ENT C had a difference in opinion on which surgeries should be done.

Neurosurgeon A, wants to do the middle fossa approach and then use titanium mesh to fix the problem area.  ENT C, still wants to use the transmastiod approach to harvest bone and to attempt to fix the problem from below, but he assumes that we would need to go in from middle fossa as well.  Two surgeries at the same time vs one surgery?  Which one would allow me to get back on my feet faster?  The doctor said I would still not be dancing for at least a month or so.

Tomorrow I meet with ENT C again for the last time before my surgery.  And I go to my pre-op.  It’s amazing that the hospital called me about 10 times today to ask me questions.  So I’m not sure what I will be doing tomorrow.

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