Back to see ENT C

I made it back for my final visit to see ENT C before my surgery on April 1st.  This time my wife made it.

My appointment was at 8:40am and at 8:10 I was still at home about ready to walk out the door and my texted me that my appointment had been changed to 8:30.  Great, a 30 minute drive in 20 minutes.  ENT C’s office has done that too me three times now.

I walked in about 5 minutes late, and my wife had already checked me in and paid the bill for me.  Wonder if she will go take my hearing test for me.  🙂  They call me back for a hearing test, I kept warning the audiologist that I was going to get CSF fluid all over the headphones, but he wouldn’t listen.  Hopefully they were less than a few grand.  My hearing was about the same as it was during my first hearing test, so that was good.

Me and the wife go back to one of the rooms and wait for ENT C.  I started picking on her, because we weren’t in the room 5 seconds and her phone rings and there are signs on every way, NO CELL PHONES ALLOWED!  But she got off the phone before ENT C comes in.  As usual he doesn’t say too much, bables a little about doing the transmastiod and the middle fossa, while Neurosurgeon A only wanted to do the middle fossa.  I asked the most important question, which was how much of my hair would they be cutting off and he said that they would shave the entire left side of my head.  Guess that means I’ll go get a mohawk or something before my surgery.

The fun part of the meeting with the doctor was when my wife asked him if there was going to be a plastic surgeon there to make sure the wound would be put back together nicely so that I won’t have a bad scar.  He looked at her like that little girl from the Ally Bank commerical, and then just said NO!  He said they would just put some staples in my head and my hair would cover up the scar once my hair grew back.  Then both of them looked like that little girl in the commerical, both of them just looked stunned.  I can tell this surgery is going to go well.

The only bad thing is that ENT C that it is possible that I won’t be able to hear on my left side after the surgery is some things are in too bad of shape.  Hopefully that won’t happen.

ENT C called in the nurse for me to go over the time of the surgery and to get me prepared to go to the hospital which is just next door for my pre-op.  She told me my surgery was scheduled for 7:30 on April 1st and that they weren’t sure if I needed to check in the day of the surgery or the day of the surgery.  She said that my great insurance company had approved me for 3 nights in the hosptial.  She said I would be in ICU the first night and then be in a room the other two nights.  24 hours, with no email or phone?

Did I mention they said I can’t take my ADD medicine either?  Imagine somebody who is talking a million words a minute, but my mouth can’t keep up with my brain, so I forget what I’m talking about.  I wonder if they can fix that while they are operating on me.

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