Pre-Op Time

So I drive one block to the hospital, I’ve never been to a hospital in Tampa so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I parked my car, which was free!  I then went to admitting which had a sheet that I needed to verify of my personal information.  I think the only thing they had correct was my name and health insurance number.  I corrected all of the information and sat down for about 2 minutes when somebody called me and told me to follow them.  That was fast!

The lady brings me to a waiting room with about 40 people in it.  She says just wait and my name will be called.  They had free newspapers and I got to watch Carrot Top on TV for about 30 minutes.  Then they called me back to a little office, for me to verify my information again, then they asked me to go wait back outside in the waiting room.  Damn Carrot Top wasn’t on anymore, just Regis and that Electrolux lady.  Another 30 minutes goes by somebody walks out the door that says Endoscopy and they call my name.  Why do I need to go in there?  I walked in the back and it looks like the pre-op department had taken over the entire endoscopy department and they never took the sign down.

I meet with this nice guy who spends about 10 minutes telling me how great ENT C is and how if he were having the same surgery I was having that he would use my same doctor.  But while he is explaining everything he keeps putting stickers on every piece of paper.  He spent probably 10 minutes putting stickers on every piece of paper.  They took my blood, blood pressure, etc…  And then he said they would call me next Wednesday the day before my surgery to tell me when I needed to be at the hospital.

And then he said I could go.  But before I left I asked about getting a private room for my 2 days I was in a room and he said that he didn’t think it was possible, but when I came in that morning for the surgery I should ask first thing in the morning.  He said they only have a small number of private rooms.

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